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The industrial athlete?
  1. THOMAS L SEVIER, Medical Director of Performance Dynamics, 3713 South Madison Street, Muncie, Indiana, USA 47302
  1. Dr J K Wilson, Performance Dynamics, 3713 South Jackson Street, Muncie, Indiana, USA 47302

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Due to the tremendous addition of work related injuries attributing to lost productivity and workdays, billions of dollars are being spent for treatment of these problems that result in less than optimal outcomes. Clinicians who care for injured workers continually search for enhanced innovative approaches to treatment that will result in improved outcomes, reduced time away from work, and improved patient satisfaction.

Unfortunately, patients are still being treated with conventional methods developed 20–30 years ago. These methods are often shown to be ineffective in terms of returning the injured workers to their original jobs without restrictions. Despite what is considered to be the definitive treatment, workers are often left with considerable impairment, and are unable to return to their original job.

It is time for a conceptual shift in the treatment of these debilitating, and …

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