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Hunter's diseases of occupations, 9th edition.

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    Hunter's diseases of occupations, 9th edition. Edited by: P Baxter, P H Adams, T-C Aw, et al. (Pp 1001; £155.00). 1999. London: Arnold. ISBN 0340677503 (HB).

    “Hunter” has been an institution in the field of occupational medicine since it was first published in 1955. The first six editions were written by Hunter alone and came to reflect the thinking experience and views of this most unusual and distinguished physician. These early editions provided an extraordinary and perhaps eccentric blend of medicine, history, science, and social comment. Hunter's death led to the book being taken over by an editorial team and to chapters being commissioned from recognised experts. The current edition has contributions from more than 60 authors. The book has, therefore, changed and the current edition cannot be considered to be an updating of the “Hunter editions”: on the contrary it is a new book.

    The editors have divided the book into 11 sections and 44 chapters. Sections dealing with chemical, physical, and microbiological agents are complemented by sections dealing with occupational …

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