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Mesothelioma in a community in the north of England.
  1. A T Edward,
  2. D Whitaker,
  3. K Browne,
  4. F D Pooley,
  5. A R Gibbs
  1. Royal Halifax Infirmary, Halifax, Yorks.


    OBJECTIVES: To find the numbers of mesotheliomas in Calderdale over the period 1966-94 and determine their relation to asbestos exposure, pathology, and mineral fibre burden within the lungs of affected subjects. METHODS: Cases were entered into the study if the subject has been diagnosed with mesothelioma after postmortem and histopathological examinations. Occupational data were obtained mainly from the case records of the Cape Asbestos medical officer, hospital, and medical practitioner and from death certificates. Analyses of the mineral fibres were performed with transmission electron microscopy and energy dispersive x ray spectrometry. RESULTS: 73 mesotheliomas were diagnosed from 1966 to 1994. Forty four were associated with exposure at the Acre Mill factory, which manufactured asbestos products. Concentrations of amphibole asbestos fibres were found to be raised above controls in 31 out of 32 cases associated with Acre Mill exposure, in 10 out of 12 other cases exposed to asbestos and eight out of 17 cases not exposed to asbestos. CONCLUSIONS: There was a high number of mesotheliomas in Calderdale. More than half of the cases were associated with occupation at the Acre Mill factory and were associated with exposure to amphibole asbestos, predominantly crocidolite. No cases associated with neighbourhood exposure to asbestos were identified.

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