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Traumatic work related fatalities in commercial fishermen in Australia.
  1. T R Driscoll,
  2. G Ansari,
  3. J E Harrison,
  4. M S Frommer,
  5. E A Ruck
  1. National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety, Worksafe Australia, Sydney, NSW.


    OBJECTIVES--To describe the types and circumstances of traumatic work related fatalities in Australian commercial fishermen. METHODS--Work related traumatic fishing fatalities were studied as part of a larger study of all work related traumatic fatalities in Australia from 1982 to 1984. Data on 47 cases were obtained from inspection of coroners' files. RESULTS--The incidence of fatality of 143/100,000 person-years was 18 times higher than the incidence of fatality for the entire workforce, and considerably higher than that of the mining and agricultural workforces. 68% of decedents drowned and 13% died from physical trauma. Rough weather, non-seaworthy vessels, inadequate use of personal flotation devices, and inexperience were associated with many of the fatal incidents. DISCUSSION--Improved vessel and equipment maintenance, better training of workers, greater use of personal flotation devices, and development of improved clothing and personal flotation devices are recommended.

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