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An assessment of exposure to glutaraldehyde in hospitals: typical exposure levels and recommended control measures.
  1. P Leinster,
  2. J M Baum,
  3. P J Baxter
  1. Thomson-MTS Ltd., Cosgrove, Milton Keynes.


    An assessment of exposure to glutaraldehyde in cold sterilisation and x ray development processes was undertaken in 14 locations at six hospitals in south east England. The results obtained indicate that routine exposures of hospital workers to airborne concentrations of the compound are within the current United Kingdom occupational exposure limit of 0.7 mg m-3. There was the potential for skin contact in many of the activities observed and alternative sterilisation and disinfection procedures would have been more appropriate in some situations. Recommendations are made on reducing exposures as the current occupational exposure limit for this compound may not be appropriate.

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