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Blood concentration of carbon disulphide in "normal" subjects and in alcoholic subjects treated with disulfiram.
  1. F Brugnone,
  2. G Maranelli,
  3. S Zotti,
  4. I Zanella,
  5. P De Paris,
  6. S Caroldi,
  7. A Betta
  1. Istituto di Medicina del Lavoro, Università di Verona, Italy.


    Assay of free and acid labile carbon disulphide (free and total CS2 respectively) in human blood was performed by gas chromatography/spectrometry. The method used a large dynamic head space volume and a "cryogenic trap". Blood CS2 concentration was measured in 42 subjects not occupationally exposed to CS2 (group A) and in 11 alcoholic subjects (group B) treated with disulfiram. Free CS2 concentration showed a mean value of 261 ng/l in the 42 subjects in group A and 9482 ng/l in eight subjects of group B. Total CS2 concentration was 897 ng/l and 40,084 ng/l in groups A and B respectively. Differences between the groups were highly significant for concentrations of both free and total CS2. Total CS2 concentration was about four times as high as free CS2 concentration in both groups. A significant correlation was found between free and total CS2 concentration both in group A and in group B. In the alcoholic subjects (group B), blood concentrations of both free and total CS2 were related to time of sampling after treatment with disulfiram.

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