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Chronic glomerulonephritis and exposure to solvents: a case-referent study.
  1. A Porro,
  2. C Lomonte,
  3. P Coratelli,
  4. G Passavanti,
  5. G M Ferri,
  6. G Assennato
  1. Institute of Occupational Health, University of Bari, Italy.


    To evaluate the risk of chronic glomerulonephritis in subjects exposed to solvent vapours, a case-referent study was carried out. The case group, including 60 patients (44 men and 16 women) with non-systemic chronic glomerulonephritis, established by biopsy, was compared with 120 control subjects (60 patients with traumatic fractures and 60 patients affected by nephrolithiasis) matched by sex and age. Information on occupational and non-occupational exposure to solvent was obtained by questionnaire. The exposure scores drawn from questionnaires were significantly higher in the case group than in the referent groups for both total and occupational solvent exposure. No significant differences in non-occupational exposure were found. The odds ratio of chronic glomerulonephritis for occupationally exposed (score > 0) was 3.9 (95% confidence interval (95% CI) 1.64-8.33). When IgA nephropathy patients (n = 27) were separately evaluated, an increased risk was found for both total and occupational exposure. Using a logistic regression model, a dose-response effect for occupational exposure was seen. The results support the hypothesis that chronic glomerulonephritis may be related to environmental factors such as exposure to hydrocarbons.

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