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A "scorpion fish" (Trachinus vipera) sting: fishermen's hazard.
  1. A Dehaan,
  2. P Ben-Meir,
  3. A Sagi
  1. Department of Plastic Surgery, Soroka University Hospital, Beer-Sheva, Israel.


    "Scorpion fish" is a nickname given by fishermen to members of the Trachinidae family as a result of their unusual stinging mechanism. These fish are found throughout the eastern Atlantic region from the North Sea through the Mediterranean and Black Seas and along the western coast of Northern and Central Africa. They are characterised by poisonous glands located at the base and sides of the spines of their anterior back fin and at the base of a spine located on the gill cover. Because of the unusual location of the glands, fishermen handling these fish frequently suffer local injuries. A case of necrosis of the tip of the middle finger after a "scorpion fish" sting is described.

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