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Exposure to organic solvents and neuropsychological dysfunction: a study on monozygotic twins.
  1. H Hänninen,
  2. M Antti-Poika,
  3. J Juntunen,
  4. M Koskenvuo
  1. Institute of Occupational Health, Helsinki, Finland.


    Twenty one monozygotic twins exposed to organic solvents were compared with their non-exposed cotwins by performance in psychological tests. A further 28 monozygotic twin pairs were examined as a reference group. The study used 11 tests, 10 of which had shown an effect in previous studies on the results of exposure to solvents. Paired comparisons of the test scores showed the exposed twins to have lower performance in associative learning, digit span, and block design. These results agree with two previous studies that used a similar set of tests. Contrary to some other studies, psychomotor speed was not affected, but the results indicated a marginal effect on the control of hand movements. Further comparison of subgroups with a low and a high exposure showed the prevalence of subtle neuropsychological dysfunction to be greater among the more exposed twins.

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