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Two cases of acute toluene intoxication.
  1. J Meulenbelt,
  2. G de Groot,
  3. T J Savelkoul
  1. National Poison Control Centre, National Institute of Public Health and Environmental Protection, Bilthoven, The Netherlands.


    Two patients exposed to high concentrations of toluene in air (greater than 7000 mg/m3) were found at the bottom of a small swimming pool under construction. Their symptoms were stupefaction, paresis, and amnesia. Patient A had been exposed for three hours and patient B for two hours. Ninety minutes after the exposure, the toluene blood concentration in patient A was 4.1 mg/l and in patient B 2.2 mg/l. Urinary ortho-cresol secretion was shown to be a good index of exposure to toluene. After high level exposure, urinary meta-cresol excretion may also be used to monitor toluene exposure.

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