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Hydrocarbon exposure, pancreatitis, and bile acids.
  1. P Hotz,
  2. J Pilliod,
  3. R Bourgeois,
  4. M A Boillat
  1. Institute of Occupational Health, Lausanne.


    The data on hydrocarbon induced pancreatitis are conflicting. This question was therefore studied in a non-selected population exposed to hydrocarbons and in "formerly" exposed workers. Neither the past clinical history nor the pancreatic tests provided any evidence for a causal relation between exposure and pancreatitis. No signs of hydrocarbon induced liver damage were seen either. As a healthy worker effect cannot be totally excluded, however, a case-control study in a group of patients suffering from non-alcohol induced pancreatitis could give useful indications for finally excluding the possibility of pancreatitis being induced by hydrocarbons.

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