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Neuropsychiatric symptoms among welders exposed to neurotoxic metals.
  1. B Sjögren,
  2. P Gustavsson,
  3. C Hogstedt
  1. Department of Occupational Medicine, National Institute of Occupational Health, Solna, Sweden.


    Neuropsychiatric symptoms in 65 welders exposed to aluminium and 217 railroad track welders were studied with the aid of a previously validated questionnaire. Semiquantitative data on exposure to the metals aluminium, chromium, lead, manganese, and nickel were also recorded by questionnaire. Logistic regression was employed to study the relation between exposure and the prevalence of symptoms. Welders exposed to aluminium, lead, or manganese for a long period had significantly more neuropsychiatric symptoms than welders not exposed to these metals. The results indicate that detailed psychometric studies should be performed on welders exposed long term to specific metals as such exposures might affect their nervous system.

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