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Job demands, job decision latitude, job support, and social network factors as predictors of mortality in a Swedish pulp and paper company.
  1. N E Astrand,
  2. B S Hanson,
  3. S O Isacsson
  1. Department of Community Health Sciences, Lund University, Malmö, Sweden.


    Three hundred and ninety one male employees aged 35-65 in a Swedish pulp and paper company were followed up for 22 years; 151 deaths were recorded by 31 December 1983. On the basis of data from 1961, indices for job decision latitude, job support, and other work related psychosocial factors were constructed as were five indices for non-work related social network factors. All indices were checked by life table analysis in respect of mortality. Job decision latitude and a combined index for job decision latitude and job support showed significant associations with mortality. These two indices were investigated by multivariate analysis with scale for evaluation of neuroticism and known somatic risk factors such as smoking, cholesterol, and systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Age, educational level, occupational status, physically heavy work, and general health state were also included in the multivariate analysis. Age, systolic blood pressure, the combined index for job decision latitude and job support, smoking, and neuroticism were shown to be independent predictors of mortality.

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