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Relation between renal function tests and a retrospective organic solvent exposure score.
  1. P Hotz,
  2. J Pilliod,
  3. D Söderström,
  4. F Rey,
  5. M A Boillat,
  6. H Savolainen
  1. Institute of Occupational Health Sciences, Lausanne, Switzerland.


    In case-control studies on glomerulonephritis and organic solvents several authors have assessed exposure to organic solvents with a score based on the self reported occupational history. The underlying principle is that all exposures can be weighted by an intensity factor and then added to get one number representative of lifetime exposure. As this score has hitherto not been validated the relation between this exposure score and kidney function tests in a population of workers with past or present exposure to organic solvents was examined. The results suggest that such relations do exist for the N-acetyl-beta-D-glucosaminidase (NAG) activity, erythrocyturia, and, perhaps, albuminuria but not for the protein creatinine ratio or for leucocyturia.

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