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Prevalence of byssinosis in textile mills at Ahmedabad, India.
  1. J R Parikh,
  2. L J Bhagia,
  3. P K Majumdar,
  4. A R Shah,
  5. S K Kashyap
  1. National Institute of Occupational Health, Ahmedabad, India.


    In an epidemiological study carried out in three textile mills at Ahmedabad, India, 929 workers were examined from the spinning departments. The mean prevalence of byssinosis in the blow section was 29.62%, whereas in the card section it was 37.83%. The concentrations of cotton dust (dust less fly) were high in the blow and card sections (4.00 mg/m3 in the blow and 3.06 mg/m3 in the card section). This study suggests that the prevalence of byssinosis is not low in the textile mills of India as reported in many earlier Indian studies.

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