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Increasing evidence of the rise of cancer in workers exposed to vinylchloride.
  1. V B Smulevich,
  2. I V Fedotova,
  3. V S Filatova
  1. All-Union Cancer Research Centre, AMS USSR, Moscow.


    The results of a cancer mortality study among workers employed in the production of vinylchloride and polyvinylchloride between 1939 and 1977 suggest a significant increase in deaths from malignancies of the lymphatic and haemopoietic tissues. Mortality for tumours of the digestive organs, respiratory system, bone and connective tissues, brain, and skin are also greater than in the general population. There were no registered cases of liver angiosarcoma in the study cohort during the follow up period. The risk of cancer was highest among the workers exposed to concentrations of VC of 300 mg/m3 and more who had worked at the plant for 15 to 19 years. The relatively high number of leukaemias and lymphomas in the study group and the absence of liver angiosarcomas probably reflects specific carcinogenic action of different doses of vinylchloride.

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