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Squamous cell cancer of the maxillary sinus in Hokkaido, Japan: a case-control study.
  1. K Fukuda,
  2. A Shibata,
  3. K Harada


    A case-control study of squamous cell cancer of the maxillary sinus was performed in Hokkaido with 106 cases and 212 controls matched for sex, age (within five years), and residence (same health centre region). Univariate analyses showed that a history of chronic sinusitis (relative risk, RR = 3.2), nasal polyps (RR = 5.0), an occupational history of being a carpenter, joiner, furniture worker, or other woodworker (RR = 2.9), and current or past smoking habits (RR = 3.0) were statistically significant risk factors for men. No single item was a significant risk factor for women.

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