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Occupational factors and pancreatic cancer.
  1. S Norell,
  2. A Ahlbom,
  3. R Olin,
  4. R Erwald,
  5. G Jacobson,
  6. I Lindberg-Navier,
  7. K L Wiechel


    The relation between occupational factors and pancreatic cancer has been studied by two different approaches: a population based case-control study with two series of controls and a retrospective cohort study based on register data. With both approaches, some support was found for an association with occupational exposure to petroleum products. Associations were also indicated with exposure to paint thinner (case-control study) and work in painting and in paint and varnish factories (cohort study), for exposure to detergents, floor cleaning agents, or polish (case-control study) and with floor polishing or window cleaning (cohort study), and for exposure to refuse (case-control study) and work in refuse disposal plants (cohort study).

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