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Alpha 1 antitrypsin and lung function in British coalminers.
  1. J E Boyd,
  2. P Collings,
  3. P M Crofton,
  4. G Blundell,
  5. J M Davis


    Alpha 1 antitrypsin (alpha 1 AT) serum concentration was determined for a group of coalminers with particularly low levels of lung function, not thought to be explicable in terms of age and dust exposure, and compared with two other groups of coalminers who had average or above average lung function. There was no evidence for an alpha 1 AT deficiency in coalminers with poor lung function. On the contrary, a reactionary increase was evident, even in non-smokers, which may have resulted from the high frequency of chest disease in these men. Within the non-smoking group men with poor lung function had been exposed to higher mean levels of dust, and a greater proportion had early signs of bronchitis. There was no indication that the presence or degree of pneumoconiosis was affecting the results.

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