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Radiographic changes in a group of chrysotile miners and millers exposed to low asbestos dust concentrations.
  1. S Cordier,
  2. G Theriault,
  3. S Provencher


    Radiographic changes in 342 Quebec asbestos miners exposed to low levels of asbestos dust for an average period of 20 years were studied. Their estimated cumulative exposure ranged from 7 fibres per cubic centimeter X years (f-y/cc) to 300 f-y/cc. Of these workers, 2.1% showed a small opacity score of 1/0 or more and 2.7% showed pleural changes. No linear relationship could be established between small opacity score and any index of exposure to asbestos. Pleural changes were related to age. A referent group of office workers within the same mining industry showed a prevalence of 2.1% (1/48) for small irregular opacities 1/0 or more, and for pleural changes.

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