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Thin layer chromatography of p-aminophenol in urine after mixed exposure to aniline and toluene.
  1. G Bieniek,
  2. K Karmańska,
  3. T Wilczok


    A simple method of evaluating p-aminophenol in the urine of people exposed simultaneously to aniline and toluene relies on separating p-aminophenol from hippuric acid and other physiological components of the urine by thin layer chromatography. The adsorbents and developing system have been thus fixed to make possible the separation of p-aminophenol from hippuric acid, urea, and creatinine and their quantitative determination. This method also makes possible the determination of p-aminophenol in urine in the presence of hippuric acid. Hippuric acid is a physiological component of urine and also the metabolite of toluene, so the determination of p-aminophenol is possible also after simultaneous exposure to both compounds: aniline and toluene. At the same time the concentrations of urea and creatinine as additional factors may be determined. The limit of detection of the method is: 5 micrograms/ml for p-aminophenol, 9 micrograms/ml for hippuric acid, 8 micrograms/ml for urea, and 6 micrograms/ml for creatinine.

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