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Genotoxic exposure of workers creosoting wood.
  1. R P Bos,
  2. C T Hulshof,
  3. J L Theuws,
  4. P T Henderson


    In a small wood preserving industry spot samples were taken from contaminated surfaces at several places and tested for mutagenicity. The results suggest that the application of a wipe test can give a first indication of occupational exposure to mutagenic and carcinogenic substances, particularly when exposure occurs more from skin contact than from inhalation. One of the pesticide chemicals used to preserve wood is the mutagenic creosote . It was found that mutagens appeared in the urine of rats after intraperitoneal administration of creosote . Despite these results, no increase in mutagenicity could be detected in the urine of creosote workers in relation to their work.

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