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Chronic peripheral neuropathy in workers with previous exposure to carbon disulphide.
  1. G Corsi,
  2. P Maestrelli,
  3. G Picotti,
  4. S Manzoni,
  5. P Negrin


    Two groups of viscose rayon production workers were examined 10 years after discontinuation of exposure to CS2. Group A comprised 20 subjects exposed to high CS2 concentrations and group B 13 subjects with lower exposure. Clinical findings and the measurements of nerve conduction velocity of the slow fibres in the peripheral nerves were evaluated. Twelve subjects had both clinical and electromyographic evidence of neuropathy and 10 showed a diminution in motor conduction velocity. A relationship between the degrees of exposure to CS2 and prevalence of polyneuropathy was found. On re-examining 12 subjects with neuropathy who had been examined four years before no significant electromyographic improvement was observed. These findings are consistent with a permanent axonal neuropathy caused by carbon disulphide.

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