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Angiographic study of digital arteries in workers exposed to vinyl chloride.
  1. P Falappa,
  2. N Magnavita,
  3. A Bergamaschi,
  4. N Colavita


    Five patients exposed to vinyl chloride were studied by hand angiography and other non-invasive methods, including photoplethysmography, rheography, and thermography. Raynaud's phenomenon was present in all five subjects, while acro-osteolysis affected only one. Organic vascular lesions, such as narrowing, segmentary occlusions of digital arteries and bridge collaterals, were found in angiographic studies. Only one patient did not show clear segmentary occlusions, but his vessels were crooked and diffusely narrowed. Angiographic results appear to correlate well with the changes shown by non-invasive techniques.

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