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Tetrachlorodibenzodioxin: a survey of subjects ten years after exposure.
  1. G May


    Ten years after an incident following which 79 workers developed chloracne due to exposure to tetrachlorodibenzodioxin a study was undertaken to establish the current state of health of the affected employees remaining in the company's (Coalite Oils and Chemicals Ltd, a subsidiary company of Coalite Group Ltd) employment. The opportunity was used to examine effects on mortality, morbidity, carcinogenesis, reproduction, teratogenicity, fetotoxicity, biochemistry, immunology, and genetic change. Concurrently, control groups were established with which to make comparison. The control groups selected from within the works matched the study group in respect of sex and age but it was not possible to match them for occupation and social status. Half the affected subjects still have minor chloracne. Other than this there is no evidence that they have been adversely affected in any way.

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