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Occupational type bronchial provocation tests: testing with soluble antigens by inhalation.
  1. M G Harries,
  2. P S Burge,
  3. I M O'Brien


    Thirty-seven patients with asthma or alveolitis thought to result from exposure to materials commonly encountered at their work were tested by inhalation of an aerosol of these materials. Twenty-four (65%) developed an immediate asthmatic reaction, which was followed by a non-immediate reaction in 10, of whom six developed the signs and symptoms of alveolitis. Eighteen (76%) patients with asthmatic reactions to test material were prick test positive to that material while only two our of 13 with a negative inhalation test were prick test positive (15%). Precipitating antibody to test material was measured in 23 and was present in nine (39%) of those with positive inhalation tests, and one (12%) of those with negative tests. It was present in five of the six with a reaction in the gas exchanging portions of the lung.

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