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N-N-dimethylformamide concentration in environmental and alveolar air in an artificial leather factory.
  1. F Brugnone,
  2. L Perbellini,
  3. E Gaffuri


    N-N-Dimethylformamide was determined every hour during the eight hours of the work shift in the alveolar air of eight workers employed in an artificial leather factory and in the breathing zone of the eight workers. The alveolar ventilation of each worker was measured for 10 minutes during the work shift. Alveolar dimethylformamide concentration (Ca) was correlated with the environmental concentration (Ci) in six of the eight workers. The amount of dimethylformamide retained per litre of ventilated air, calculated as the difference (Ci - Ca), was correlated with environmental concentration in seven of the eight workers. Lung uptake of dimethylformamide per minute was correlated with environmental concentration in all eight workers. The ratios between alveolar and environmental concentration (Ca/Ci x 100) and the lung retention of dimethylformamide, calculated by the formula (1 - Ca/Ci) x 100, were 27.8% and 72.2% respectively. They did not show any correlation with environmental concentration, exposure time, or alveolar ventilation.

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