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Chemical and photoelectron spectrometry analysis of the adsorption of phospholipid model membranes and red blood cell membranes on to chrysotile fibres.
  1. M C Jaurand,
  2. J H Thomassin,
  3. P Baillif,
  4. L Magne,
  5. J C Touray,
  6. J Bignon


    A study of the interaction of phospholipid model membranes and red blood cell membranes with UICC A chrysotile fibres using chemical analysis and photoelectron spectrometry showed that the interaction agreed with an adsorption of the membranes on to the chrysotile fibres. The photoelectron spectrometry analysis allowed the statement that phospholipid model membranes are adsorbed as bilayer. Chemical analysis showed that for each milligram of chrysotile the amount of phospholipids adsorbed was about 155 microgram and the available surface for phospholipids was about 38 m/g. It was established that entire membranes were adsorbed. A mechanism for the haemolytic capacity of chrysotile is suggested.

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