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A mortality study among workers in an English asbestos factory.
  1. J Peto,
  2. R Doll,
  3. S V Howard,
  4. L J Kinlen,
  5. H C Lewinsohn


    The previous report on this cohort study of workers in an asbestos textile factory (Knox et al., 1968) showed little evidence of increased mortality among workers who had entered the factory after the implementation in 1932 of the first Asbestos Industry Regulation (1931) but observed that no firm conclusions could be drawn, as little carcinogenic effect would be expected for 20 years after first exposure. A further 8 1/2 years of follow-up has revealed some asbestos-related disease in this latter group, although very much less than for employees first exposed before 1933. Among the 963 workers first exposed in 1933 or later, mortality was increased for carcinoma of the bronchus (31 deaths; 19-3 expected for all lung cancers) and non-malignant respiratory disease (35 deaths, 25-0 expected), and a further 5 deaths were attributed to pleural mesothelioma.

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