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Plasma concentrations of the oxime Pralidoxime Mesylate (P2S) after repeated oral and intramuscular administration.
  1. P Holland,
  2. D C Parkes


    The use of the oxime P2S as intravenous therapy for organophosphorus anticholinesterase poisoning is well known. In emergency situations this route of administration may prove impractical due to severe symptoms of anticholinesterase poisoning and therefore the intramuscular route is to be preferred. The absolute intramuscular dose of P2S per man, recommended as necessary for adequate therapy of anticholinesterase poisoning, is 500 mg. In practical situations this dose may have to be repeated at intervals resulting in overdosage, and therefore, the clinical side-effects which this regimen might have on normal subjects has been determined. It has also been suggested that where organophosphorus anticholinesterase compounds are handled continuously for many months in the year, for example, in crop spraying and in industry, P2S might be taken prophylactically.

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