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Determination of benzene and toluene in blood by means of a syringe-equilibration method using a small amount of blood.
  1. A Sato,
  2. T Nakajima,
  3. Y Fujiwara


    A gas chromatographic determination of benzene and toluene in blood with a small amount of blood sample, 0.02 or 0.1 ml, is described. In the method an aliquot of the blood sample in a sealed hypodermic syringe of 2 ml capacity is equilibrated at 37 degrees C in a thermo-regulated water-bath. After establishing equilibrium 1 ml of overlying air is submitted to gas chromatographic analysis. The value of this method was verified by experiments in which men, rabbits, and rats were exposed to benzene and toluene mixtures of various concentrations.

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