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Pulmonary cell reactions after exposure to cotton dust extract
  1. Ragnar Rylander,
  2. Annie Nordstrand
  1. Institutes of Hygiene, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm and Göteborg University
  2. Division of Environmental Medicine, Institute for Social and Preventive Medicine, University of Geneva


    Rylander, R. and Nordstrand, Annie (1974).British Journal of Industrial Medicine,31, 220-223. Pulmonary cell reactions after exposure to cotton dust extract. Free lung cells were studied in guinea-pigs exposed to a water extract of cotton mill dust. An increase in the number of leucocytes was found 5 hours after exposure with a peak after about 20 hours. The response was related to the concentration of the extract and was equal in conventional and infection-controlled animals. The reaction provides a useful tool for further studies of the toxicity of various fractions of cotton dust.

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