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Mortality in punctiform type of coalworkers' pneumoconiosis
  1. W. E. Waters1,
  2. A. L. Cochrane,
  3. F. Moore
  1. aMedical Research Council's Epidemiology Unit (South Wales), Cardiff


    Waters, W. E., Cochrane, A. L., and Moore, F. (1974).British Journal of Industrial Medicine,31, 196-200. Mortality in punctiform type of coalworkers' pneumoconiosis. Recent studies conducted on miners at necropsy and on those attending a pneumoconiosis medical panel have suggested that the punctiform type of opacities are associated with a significant gas transfer defect and with emphysema. However, a 10-year follow-up of a random sample of miners and ex-miners in the Rhondda Fach found that the mortality experience of those with the punctiform type was, if anything, more favourable than that for other types of pneumoconiosis. This may be related to radiographic technique, but there may also be physiological reasons. There was no evidence that those with the punctiform type had different smoking habits from those with other types of pneumoconiosis.

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    • 1 Present address: Senior Lecturer in Clinical Epidemiology and Community Medicine, South Block, Southampton General Hospital, Southampton SO9 4XY