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Mild lead poisoning with an excessively high blood lead
  1. M. J. Chamberlain,
  2. P. M. O. Massey
  1. Dudley Road Hospital, Birmingham


    Chamberlain, M. J., and Massey, P. M. O. (1972).Brit. J. industr. Med.,29, 458-460. Mild lead poisoning with an excessively high blood lead. Lead poisoning occurred in a patient working as a smelter of precious metals on a process where lead was used as a substrate. Extremely high levels of blood lead up to 1 050 μg/100 ml were found despite only trivial clinical symptoms. Treatment consisted solely of removing the worker from the toxic environment. This resulted in complete recovery with return of the blood lead to a near normal value over the course of 12 months. Although there was only a mild anaemia present initially, the haemoglobin was slow to respond.

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