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Biliary excretion of 203Hg, 64Cu, 52Mn, and 210Pb in the rat
  1. M. Cikrt
  1. Institute of Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Diseases, Prague, Czechoslovakia


    Cikrt, M. (1972).Brit. J. industr. Med.,29, 74-80. Biliary excretion of 203Hg, 64Cu, 52Mn, and 210Pb in the rat. The biliary excretion of 52Mn, 64Cu, 203Hg, and 210Pb after intravenous adminstration of 52MnCl2, 64CuCl2, 203HgCl2, and 210Pb (NO3)2 in non-toxic doses was studied in rats. Cumulative biliary excretion reached by 24 hours after administration in the case of 64Cu 31·06%, of 52Mn 26·7%, of 203Hg 3·8%, and of 210Pb 6·7% of the administered dose. The excretion curve for 203Hg differed significantly from those of the other three metals. The maximum rate of excretion was reached at different periods after administration for each metal. The excretion of the metals via the wall of the gastrointestinal tract during 24 hours after administration was also studied. The excretion into faeces occurred mainly via the bile; to a lesser extent there was excretion through the wall, probably chiefly of the upper segments of the digestive tract.

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