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Some aspects of the early evolution of the Appointed Factory Doctor Service
  1. James A. Smiley
  1. Department of Social Medicine, Queen's University, Belfast


    Smiley, J. A. (1971).Brit. J. industr. Med.,28, 315-322. Some aspects of the early evolution of the Appointed Factory Doctor Service. The appointment of certifying surgeons marks the beginning of the recognition by the State of its responsibility for the supervision of the health and welfare of young people in industry. The importance of the rôle played by Leonard Horner, one of the first four inspectors of factories, is discussed. Some of the problems and vicissitudes of the service in the 19th century are outlined and it is suggested that the system is inappropriate to the needs of the present. Legislation which would integrate all the agencies which are concerned with the well-being of young people, including the Appointed Factory Doctor Service, should be actively considered.

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    • * B. M. A. Mackenzie Industrial Health Lecture 1970, delivered at Trinity College, Dublin.