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Occupational exposure to lindane: clinical and laboratory findings
  1. G. Czeglédi-Jankó,
  2. P. Avar
  1. National Institute of Public Health, Budapest
  2. National Institute of Occupational Health, Budapest


    Czeglédi-Jankó, G., and Avar, P. (1970).Brit. J. industr. Med.,27, 283-286. Occupational exposure to lindane: clinical and laboratory findings. Workers exposed to lindane for up to two years have been observed clinically, with EEGs and by chemical analysis of whole blood for lindane. In workers with mild but definite symptoms, the concentrations of lindane in whole blood were likely to be greater than 0·02 ppm, a value close to the upper values in members of the general population in Hungary.

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