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Diethyl thiourea as a cause of dermatitis in a car factory
  1. W. G. White,
  2. H. R. Vickers
  1. British Leyland (Austin/Morris) Ltd., Cowley Division, Oxford
  2. The United Oxford Hospitals, Oxford


    White, W. G., and Vickers, H. R. (1970).Brit. J. industr. Med.,27, 167-169. Diethyl thiourea as a cause of dermatitis in a car factory. Fifteen car assembly workers became sensitized to self-skinning neoprene foam weather strips by contact with the bare forearms for the greater part of the working day. A series of patch tests showed 11 out of 11 tested to be sensitive to diethyl thiourea present in the neoprene as an accelerator. The condition cleared on modification of the assembly process.

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