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Arsine poisoning
  1. A. G. Hocken,
  2. G. Bradshaw
  1. Hull Royal Infirmary (Sutton) and Capper Pass & Son Ltd., North Ferriby, Yorkshire


    Hocken, A. G., and Bradshaw, G. (1970).Brit. J. industr. Med.,27, 56-60. Arsine poisoning. A case of acute arsine poisoning is described, occurring in an industrial metallurgy worker. The clinical course was of associated oliguric renal failure with acute haemolytic anaemia which was self-limiting but accompanied by marked non-thrombotic phlebitis. There was minor hepatocellular damage. Skin pigmentation was disproportionate to the elevation of serum bilirubin. Transient initial pulmonary oedema was regarded as a local irritative phenomenon.

    All systems underwent complete recovery. Renal function in particular was explored in all modalities, and no abnormality could be found in glomerular filtration, concentrating power or acidification 12 months after exposure. There was no proteinuria. The clinical picture was of acute tubular necrosis, although interstitial fibrosis was present and its incomplete final resolution is possible.

    Contrary to the findings of other workers, no evidence was found of myocardial damage at any stage either clinically or electrocardiographically.

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