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Respiratory effects of chlorine gas
  1. F. X. M. Beach,
  2. E. Sherwood Jones,
  3. G. D. Scarrow
  1. The Intensive Care Unit, Whiston Hospital, Prescot, Lancashire
  2. The Department of Radiodiagnosis, University of Liverpool


    Beach, F. X. M., Sherwood Jones, E., and Scarrow, G. D. (1969).Brit. J. industr. Med.,26, 231-236. Respiratory effects of chlorine gas. Seven chemical workers who were accidentally exposed to chlorine gas in separate accidents were investigated. The usual symptoms were cough, dyspnoea, and chest pains, the symptoms starting within 10 minutes of exposure and lasting two to eight days. Chest radiographs showed congestion, consolidation, and nodules; lung oedema was also present in a severe case. These changes usually cleared within one week but in the severe case persisted for 10 weeks. Three patients had respiratory failure. Hypoxaemia was found in four patients and was quickly corrected by oxygen therapy in three of them, but in the severe case hypoxaemia persisted for four days despite continuous oxygen therapy. All the patients recovered completely.

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