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I. Microwave Apparatus for Exposing Tissue and the Effect of the Radiation on Skin Respiration
  1. J. C. Lawrence
  1. 1Medical Research Council Industrial Injuries and Burns Research Unit, Birmingham Accident Hospital, Bath Row, Birmingham, 15


    An apparatus was designed which enabled small pieces of skin to be exposed to a uniform field of microwaves at χ-band (8,730 MHz). This was used to investigate the effect of these microwaves at selected energy levels on the metabolism of skin.

    It was shown that skin cultured in vitro exhibited a graded response to microwave energy, and a doseresponse curve was constructed from this data. The ED50 of this curve was 4,740 mW./sq. cm. applied for 1 second.

    Microscopical examination of three-day cultures of skin showed that histological abnormalities occurred if the specimens were exposed to intensities of microwaves causing more than 30% respiratory damage. The energy level at the ED30 was 2,880 mW./sq. cm. applied for 1 second.

    Results were consistent with the hypothesis that tissue damage caused by irradiation with microwaves was due to the energy absorbed by the specimen being converted to heat.

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