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Carbon Disulphide Poisoning with Increased Ethereal Sulphate Excretion
  1. L. S. Djerassi,
  2. R. Lumbroso1
  1. Department of Industrial Medicine, Workers' Sick Fund, Haifa, Israel
  2. The Analytical Laboratory, Haifa, Israel


    A clear-cut change in urinary sulphate excretion has been found in a case of subacute carbon disulphide poisoning, the ethereal fraction being greatly increased to 1·59 g./l., that is, 70% of the total urinary sulphate. Three weeks later the figure was still significantly abnormal: 1·25 g./l., i.e., 59·6% of total sulphate excretion. The normal pattern of sulphate excretion was reached about six weeks after the last exposure: ethereal sulphate 0·20 g./l. (8·7%); inorganic sulphate 1·97 g./l. (85·7%); neutral sulphur 0·13 g./l.

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    • 1 Present address: Research Laboratories, Emek Hajarden.