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Diagnostic Sodium Calciumedetate Mobilization Test in Ambulant Patients
  1. D. Lahaye,
  2. D. Roosels,
  3. R. Verwilghen
  1. Voorzorgsfonds ten behoeve van door beroepsziekten getroffenen1
  2. Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, Brussels, Belgium


    The urinary lead excretion of 41 healthy subjects was compared before and three and six hours after the injection of sodium calciumedetate. All subjects showed a marked rise in lead excretion after the injection. The mean value + 2 S.D. was calculated. The authors consider that this method, which does not require hospitalization, is of value in the diagnosis of contact with lead.

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    • 1 Security fund for people suffering from occupational diseases.