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Occupational Brucellosis in County Cork
  1. Bridget V. Foley,
  2. John P. Corridan
  1. Regional Laboratory Service, Cork Health Authority, University College, Cork
  2. The Department of Social Medicine, University College, Cork


    Three occupational groups exposed to brucellosis hazard were investigated in Cork in 1967, using three standard tests. Of 80 veterinarians, 92·5% had serological evidence of past or present Brucella infection. If a complement-fixation test of 1/16 is accepted as evidence of active disease, 72·5% of veterinarians, 7·8% of 102 dairy farmers, and 2% of 50 butchers in this area have active disease. We feel that brucellosis, while undoubtedly of high infectivity, is more pathogenic than is commonly held. A controlled clinical trial is necessary to elucidate the morbidity of this organism.

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