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Pneumoconiosis in Chromite Miners in South Africa
  1. G. K. Sluis-Cremer,
  2. R. S. J. Du Toit
  1. The Miners' Medical Bureau and the Government Mining Engineer's Department, Johannesburg


    Ten chromite miners in South Africa have been found to show radiological evidence of a fine nodulation; five of these miners had worked only in chromite mines. These cases occurred in a labour force of some 1,500 persons subjected to regular examination. Clinical evidence and the results of intratracheal injection of chromite suspension into rats indicate that the radiological changes are due not to fibrosis but to a benign deposition of chromite (Cr2O3FeO) dust in the lungs.

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    • 1 Published in accordance with South African Government Printer's Authority 3862 of July 18, 1967.