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Investigation of a Minor Asbestos Hazard
  1. M. C. S. Kennedy,
  2. R. Routledge
  1. Department of Respiratory Physiology, City General Hospital, Stoke-on-Trent, Stafford
  2. The Medical Department, English Electric Company Limited, Stafford


    Twelve men who had been exposed to a minor asbestos hazard have been examined clinically, radiologically, and physiologically, and an assessment of the airborne asbestos concentration has also been made. Ten men had worked in a transformer department lagging transformer windings with asbestos paste for between 15 and 37 years. Two of these men showed minor radiological and minor physiological changes suggestive of early asbestosis. Two insulation workers had been engaged in milling and sawing asbestos sheets for five and 23 years respectively; both men showed minor radiological and abnormal physiological changes. These two men had been exposed to higher airborne concentrations of the asbestos dust than the transformer men. It is impossible to be dogmatic concerning the aetiology of these pulmonary changes, and further follow-up studies are planned. However, the findings are presented in view of the recommendation by Gilson (1966) that more evidence is required concerning possible pulmonary changes in men exposed to low concentrations of asbestos.

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