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Pulmonary Hypersensitivity to the Grain Weevil
  1. J. A. Lunn,
  2. D. T. D. Hughes
  1. Slough Industrial Health Service and the Pulmonary Function Laboratory, London Hospital


    A case of inhalant allergy to the grain weevil is described. Provocation inhalations of the weevil protein produced immediate responses shown by falls of as much as 25% in the F.E.V.1·0. These changes were reversed by a bronchodilator. Arthus-type reactions also occurred approximately three hours after the inhalation of protein. In these the transfer factor was reduced by 25% and was not affected by a bronchodilator. Antihistamines were found to inhibit the immediate response but to have no effect on the Arthus reaction.

    Coincident with the fall in transfer factor there were rises in the temperature and pulse rate. An Arthus-type as well as an immediate skin response was demonstrated. Precipitating antibodies were detected in the serum.

    The similarity of these reactions to those seen in farmer's lung and to reactions to avian protein is discussed, together with the possibility of the wider implications of sensitivity to the grain weevil.

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