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Ventilatory Function in Relation to Mining Experience and Smoking in a Random Sample of Miners and Non-miners in a Witwatersrand Town
  1. G. K. Sluis-Cremer,
  2. L. G. Walters,
  3. H. S. Sichel
  1. aMiners' Medical Bureau, the Pneumoconiosis Research Unit and the Operational Research Bureau, Johannesburg


    The ventilatory capacity of a random sample of men over the age of 35 years in the town of Carletonville was estimated by the forced expiratory volume and the peak expiratory flow rate.

    Five hundred and sixty-two persons were working or had worked in gold-mines and 265 had never worked in gold-mines.

    No difference in ventilatory function was found between the miners and non-miners other than that due to the excess of chronic bronchitis in miners.

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    • 1 This study was carried out under the auspices of the Pneumoconiosis Research Unit of the South African Council for Scientific and Industrial Research.