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Acute Toxicity and Skin Irritant Properties of Sulfolane
  1. V. K. H. Brown,
  2. L. W. Ferrigan,
  3. D. E. Stevenson
  1. `Shell' Research Ltd., Tunstall Laboratory, Sittingbourne, Kent


    Sulfolane is a useful industrial solvent. The oral LD50 values were: rats, 1·7 to 2·7 g./kg.; mice, 1·9 to 2·5 g./kg., all deaths taking place within 24 hours. Rats showed no effects after 3·8 g./kg. had been applied to the skin. The compound did not irritate or sensitize the skins of guinea-pigs or rabbits and, undiluted, was almost without action on the eyes of rabbits.

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