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Experimental Studies on Skin Hazard with `Versatic' 9-11 Acid and its Monoglycidyl and Vinyl Esters
  1. C. G. Hunter,
  2. V. K. Brown,
  3. L. W. Ferrigan
  1. `Shell' Research Limited, Tunstall Laboratory, Sittingbourne, Kent


    `Versatic' 9-11 is a mixture of tertiary carboxylic acids each having 9 to 11 carbon atoms in the molecule. `Versatic' 9-11 and its monoglycidyl and monovinyl esters are used in the paint and resin industries.

    The vinyl ester of `Versatic' 9-11 has been shown to possess skin irritating and sensitizing properties comparable to those of butyl and 2-ethylhexyl acrylates.

    `Versatic' 9-11 and its monoglycidyl esters are much less irritant than the vinyl ester and should not prove hazardous to the skin, but unnecessary contact should be avoided.

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